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Full-Contact Competition
Win Tom Holkenborg’s Percussion and Brass

It’s the distant future—language has gone, and warring tribes use drums to communicate with each other. Drums as a warning, drums for battle rallies, and drums for surrender. Write a piece that shows a drum dialog between two tribes!

We’re offering a free sound pack of percussion hits as a starting point for your track—it’s available as a free download within SINE. You can use any other tools you want — sample libraries, live instruments, field recordings, or whatever else you have in your studio.

The judges are Tom Holkenborg and Hendrik Schwarzer. They’ll be looking for three elements in the winning compositions:

  1. Good use of the samples provided
  2. Great rhythm programming
  3. Originality
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How to get the samples

The samples are taken from Tom Holkenborg’s Percussion.

You get the samples in a free library—it’s in the SINEstore under the name ‘Full-contact competition kit’. If you haven’t downloaded SINE, simply head to If you already have SINE installed, download the competition sample library within SINE. Alternatively you can add it to your account here and download it via SINE later.

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The Tom Holkenborg bundle + €500 voucher
Includes Tom Holkenborg’s Percussion and Tom Holkenborg’s Brass


The Tom Holkenborg bundle + €250 voucher
Includes Tom Holkenborg’s Percussion and Tom Holkenborg’s Brass


The Tom Holkenborg bundle
Includes Tom Holkenborg’s Percussion and Tom Holkenborg’s Brass

How to enter

Follow the brief above to compose a piece of music. Upload your piece to your YouTube or SoundCloud account, using the hashtag #FullContactCompetition. If possible, please use the Full Contact Competition artwork for your tracks/videos!
Download here.

Winners and announcement


Monday, June 28 Competition opens


Monday, July 19 Competition ends: The deadline for submitting your
track is 23:59 CEST / 14:59 PT


Thursday, August 9 The winners will be announced on
our YouTube channel

Please read the terms and conditions before entering. One entry per person. SINE requires Mac OS 10.13, i5, 4 GB RAM (16+ GB recommended), Windows 10, Intel Core i5 or similar (Windows 7 is not officially supported), Interfaces: VST, AU