Terms and conditions

  1. Only 1 entry per person. Multiple entries will disqualify you from the competition
  2. You must be 18 years or older to enter
  3. By entering the competition, you confirm that you are the exclusive author +/or holder of rights of your uploaded track
  4. If a third party’s claims arise, you are obliged to indemnify Orchestral Tools and not hold us responsible
  5. Entering the competition is free of charge. No purchase is needed to enter the competition. Participation is voluntary.
  6. Your entire composition must not exceed 2 minutes
  7. Your composition must be 100% original
  8. By entering the competition, you acknowledge these terms and conditions
  9. You agree that if you win a prize, your submission and name can be published on our Orchestral Tools social media accounts
  10. This competition is not supported or sponsored by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, or Twitter.
  11. Overall rules for participation are governed by German law.
You cannot enter the competition, nor will your submission be valid if:
  1. You are an employee, either full-time or part-time, of Orchestral Tools.
  2. You submit an unoriginal composition.

Your data

  1. We will only use your email address to contact you if you win and arrange how to award prizes
  2. We will not share your email address with any third party
  3. You will not receive any marketing emails from Orchestral Tools, unless you have voluntarily subscribed and opted-in to our newsletter list
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