2020 has been a busy year for Orchestral Tools.

We introduced the SINE Player, worked with Harry Gregson-Williams on Phoenix Orchestra, and with Jeff Russo on the TV and underscoring toolkit Modus. We took our first steps into studio production with LA Sessions, and travelled new paths with our wonderful Creative Soundpacks. I personally really enjoyed the two scoring competitions, where I got to listen to some incredible music.

I want to say a big thank you to all of you—to all our customers, partners, our supporters, and everyone involved. But the year isn’t over yet.

I am proud to share a massive announcement with you. Something we started many years ago is entering a new chapter...

All the best,

Hendrik Schwarzer
CEO & Founder


Berlin Symphonic Strings

Our new flagship collection for big string sections, and the latest addition to the Berlin Series. Berlin Symphonic Strings delivers rich, cinematic sound for creating vivid string arrangements. Combining exceptional playability with impeccable musicality, Berlin Symphonic Strings sets a new standard for sampled orchestral strings.

More about Berlin Symphonic Strings

We’re proud and honored to be collaborating with the esteemed Berklee College of Music. We’re developing an orchestral library that’s specifically tailored to the needs of their film scoring curriculum—it will be available in Fall 2021. And that’s not all—we’ll be working with Berklee on some other interesting ideas throughout the year.

Educational discount increased to

Prompted by our collaboration with Berklee, we’ve decided to increase our discount for students and teachers to 40%. We want to encourage more music students—or students in general—to get to know Orchestral Tools, and help them discover new ways to create new music. New discount starts January 2021.

More about education at Orchestral Tools

Scoring Berlin is our partner company for film scoring and orchestral recordings, managed by Tom Rußbüldt. The Comeback Trail is a major movie starring Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman, and directed by George Gallo. Composer Aldo Shllaku saw a way to get a 100% consistent sound: He created his mockups with the Berlin Series, and recorded and mixed the final score with Tom in Berlin. Watch the interview with Aldo and George for the inside story.

About Scoring Berlin

In 2021, we’ll start a subscription service. But not a regular subscription service: Sign up to SINEfactory, and you’ll get a steady stream of exclusive free instruments delivered straight to your mailbox. These instruments provide a solid foundation for sketching ideas and building tracks—they’re effectively a curated factory library for SINE. Kick-off is late January!

We made a lot of progress with SINE in 2020, and this development doesn’t ever stop. The latest innovation is SPC—SINE Performance Compression. This completely new format allows a massive increase in performance and much smaller files without compromising sound quality.

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