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How to get your EDU discount

Good news for students and teachers: We've increased our special EDU discount to 40%. Here's how to register as a student/teacher and get your discount.

You qualify as a student if:

- You study in residence at any school, music school, conservatory, university or similar recognized institution
- You are enrolled in a music-related recognized distance learning course (part-time or full-time)

That's all! You don't need to be studying music or media to qualify, and there's no age limit.

You qualify as a teacher if:

- You teach full-time or almost full-time (at least 50% of your work hours) in residence at a music school, conservatory, university, or similar recognized institution in a music-related subject

This applies to both permanent and temporary contracts. You need to be actively employed at the time of requesting the discount, and likely to remain so for at least three more months.

How to apply for EDU status:

Just contact us and tell us which collections or instruments you want to purchase, including some proof of eligibility (scanned student ID, faculty letter, ...). This needs to have some sort of date, so we can see that it's current. And we need this in English—if you don't have it in English, please provide an English translation.

Also include your OT Account name (email), so we can assign the EDU status to your account immediately. The EDU status will be active for one year from requesting it and will be automatic for all qualifying purchases. Just get in touch again to renew your status before it runs out.

More details on the official support team EDU discount page: https://orchestraltools.helpscoutdocs.com/article/10-edu-discounts

Berklee College of Music collaboration

We’re proud and honored to be collaborating with the esteemed Berklee College of Music. We’re developing an orchestral library that’s specifically tailored to the needs of their film scoring curriculum—it will be available in Fall 2021. And that’s not all—we’ll be working with Berklee on some other interesting ideas throughout the year.

More about Berklee at: https://www.berklee.edu/

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