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Experimental sounds for new styles

With the FABRIK series, we venture beyond pristine recording studios to capture rough, modern sounds from unexpected places. In this alternative environment, diced-up field recordings and uncanny instrument sounds live alongside grand analog synth patches and startling electronic noises. Designed to inspire, each FABRIK collection delivers distinctive elements for building engaging narratives in sound design and beyond.


Radome helps you construct mysterious soundscapes and build sci-fi suspense using experimental cello textures captured in a large, spherical radar dome—originally designed to protect an antenna from the elements. Naturally distorted articulations, harmonic glissandi, and squealing trills played by avant-garde musician Franziska Aigner generate sparks for intriguing sound design. Crackling interference, electronic pulses, and echoing noises produce an atmosphere that conjures mid-twentieth-century spy technology.


Combining industrial sounds, mechanical noises, and gritty synths, Transit delivers the rough, driving sounds of the modern world in motion. Field recordings of Berlin’s rail traffic have been transformed into playable instruments. Atonal noises and impacts presented in expansive spaces provide the building blocks for rhythmic parts and dynamic sound design. Saturated analog synth patches let you create broad soundscapes, thematic lines, and evolving sequenced patterns.


Recontextualizing the foundation of natural sound, Sinoid layers, morphs, stretches, pitches, distorts, and otherwise mutates the sine wave. At the heart of Sinoid lies a selection of instruments chosen for the purity of their tone, plus these same ‘Origin’ patches combined with drastic processing from a modular system of effects. Three categories of adjustable sound design patches add a dramatic variety of sonic color—from the atmospheric and ethereal to the brutally dystopian.


Made in collaboration with Berlin-based composer and sound designer Max Knoth, Achrome reimagines concepts from pioneering electronic composers, transforming them into a new library of playable patches. It is a collection of idiosyncratic sounds, complex patterns, and delightfully weird signal chains. A product of intention sprinkled with chance and playful experimentation, Achrome builds a bridge between the past, present, and future of electronic sound.


Energy courses through Konduit—a collection of sounds crafted from analog and modular synths layered with processed electric guitars and basses. It was made in collaboration with Belgian techno producer and live performer Peter van Hoesen, who recorded all the synth layers at his studio in Vietnam. Inspired by the sound of electricity, the patches in Konduit pulse, hum, zap, surge, charge, and spark—running the gamut from delicate, melodic thrums to distorted bolts of destruction.

Designing FABRIK
Designing FABRIK
The FABRIK series was created with Cornelius Duerst—a musician, impassioned ‘maker’, sound designer, and former audio engineer for the famed Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin. Duerst’s work at Teldex introduced him to renowned film composers and classical conductors, and widened his artistic perspective beyond electronic productions. On a continuous quest to collect new sounds and construct new electronic instruments, Duerst is turning his ideas into reality with the FABRIK series.

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