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Berlin Series

Berlin Brass

Since first being released, the Berlin Series has become the premium standard for major composers the world over. Composers who believe in technology, in harnessing the finest musicians in an extraordinary recording space – and in having a wealth of valuable articulations that will keep the collections versatile and cutting-edge for many years to come. The long-awaited final Main Collection within the renowned Berlin Series is on its way: Berlin Brass.

Berlin Brass is the premium Brass Collection that will round off your Berlin Orchestra. Recorded at the famous Teldex Scoring Stage, this collection combines high definition with awesome power. Berlin Brass takes a whole new approach, fine-tuned over years of experimentation, to bring realistic and versatile brass arrangements to the next level. With CAPSULE, the most flexible articulation management system on the market, all Berlin Series instruments come together in a highly customisable workflow that is designed to harness the boundless potential that lies in the original premium sample recordings.

Berlin Brass - Screencast Chapter I
Berlin Brass - Screencast Chapter II


  • Build your own sections and create realistic voicings with: 

    • 4 individual Horns
    • 3 individual Trumpets
    • 2 individual Trombones + 1 Bass Trombone
    • 1 Tuba

  • Horn Ensemble a4

  • Trumpet Ensemble a3

  • Trombone Ensemble a3

  • Adaptive legato (Slurred Legato, Retongued Legato, Playable Runs)

  • 3 different types of attacks on sustains (Soft, Immediate, Accented)

  • Glissando legato for Trombones

  • Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage

Building ensembles

With the highly flexible Berlin Brass concept of building ensembles or divisi parts, you can create the kind of custom ensembles or polyphonic brass chorales that have made Berlin Brass the natural choice for film composers the world over.

Adaptive Legato

Berlin Brass contains our famously fluid Adaptive Legato System which adapts naturally to your performance.
Based on your playing speed, CAPSULE automatically chooses the right legato style (Slurred Legato, Retongued Legato, Playable Runs) for the most natural results.

Berlin Brass - Screencast Chapter III
Berlin Brass - Screencast Chapter IV


Berlin Brass

Berlin Brass

Flagship instruments and ensembles


Teldex Scoring Stage, Berlin

799,00 € +VAT

Not licensed
  • 01. And...Action! (by Snorre Tidemand)
    Berlin Brass
  • 02. A Festive Prelude (by Benny Oschmann)
    Berlin Brass
  • 03. The Wages of War (by Ben Botkin)
    Berlin Brass
  • 04. They Know We're Here (by Adam Hochstatter)
    Berlin Brass


  • Works with the free Kontakt Player and Kontakt 5.5.1 full
  • 320 GB of samples (185 GB compressed)
  • 24Bit / 48KHz Patches


If you want to buy the Kontakt version of this collection, please note:

  • This is not the latest version of this collection - the SINE version might offer additional features not available here
  • We don't maintain and update the older Kontakt versions of our collections
  • You can upgrade this Kontakt version to the SINE version later for an additional upgrade fee*

*= Upgrade fee is around 10% of the regular collection price. This is due to doubled costs for downloads and licensing.