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Junkie XL Brass

Orchestral Tools has teamed with A-list Hollywood composer Tom Holkenborg to create an outstanding new brass library Junkie XL Brass. Better known in the music business as Junkie XL, Tom is a multi-platinum and award winning producer, multi-instrumentalist and film composer who has scored a number of high-profile cinematic releases including Terminator: Dark Fate, Alita: Battle Angel and Mad Max: Fury Road. When collaborating with Orchestral Tools on a concept for a next generation brass collection, Tom was able to draw on the vast insight and expertise he has gained throughout his career.

I am a perfectionist in the studio and was determined to bring that same level of attention and detail to my first public sample library,

I want this to inspire my fellow composers, at whatever level they may be working, and give them access to the best possible product that I could make.
- Tom Holkenborg

Pre-Order Special

Take advantage of our pre-order special of €499 +VAT (instead of €749)

Junkie XL Brass will be released on December 16

Pre-Order includes a live Junkie XL Brass Masterclass with Tom Holkenborg



  • Concept created by Tom Holkenborg, Junkie XL

  • Highly consistent set of articulations for all instruments

  • Many different section sizes

  • Five recorded dynamic layers for each instrument

  • Dynamic crossfading is exceptionally smooth and industry leading

  • 16 microphone positions

  • Production-ready mixes done by Alan Meyerson

  • Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin

Junkie XL Brass - Episode I: Why
Junkie XL Brass - Episode II: Who and How


Aimed at the professional and non-professional music creator, Junkie XL Brass offers a full orchestral brass set-up in a single package, recorded with a highly consistent set of articulations for all instruments and sections. Classic brass instruments - including trumpets, french horns, trombones, cimbassi and a tuba - were sampled in several different section sizes to provide maximum depth and versatility, with a dynamic range from whisper-quiet pianissimo to thunderously loud fortissimo. With no fewer than five recorded dynamic layers for each instrument and section, the dynamic crossfading is exceptionally smooth and industry leading.


Combined with a full brass patch for sketching ideas, Junkie XL Brass offers a total of 16 microphone positions ranging from unprocessed to production-ready mixes done by renowned movie scoring mixer Alan Meyerson. If your disk space is limited, customize your download by selecting only the mic positions you need - alternatively, you can download them all and see which ones work best with your ideas. The highly innovative mic merging feature allows you to save on resources: simply create your custom mic mix and save it as a single position.

Created for SINE - Player

Mic Merging

Merge your mix into a single mic position. This allows you to use all mic positions for the resources of a single one.

Greater Usability

With auto keyswitch creation on the fly and many remapping tools for your loaded instruments.

Download A La Carte

Rather than downloading an entire collection, you can choose those instruments and mic positions that you currently need.

EP 2
EP 3
EP 4

Recorded at Teldex

As with previous Orchestral Tools collections, JXL Brass was recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, a distinctively balanced 450 m2 hall with sublime acoustics and the finest microphones from the last five decades where Tom Holkenborg recorded the movie score to Point Break which was released in 2015. As a result JXL Brass blends seamlessly with Orchestral Tools earlier Berlin Series, Metropolis Ark Series and Time Series collections.

Exclusive Masterclass for Pre-Order Customers

Through a special offer by Tom himself, pre-order customers will receive an exclusive online JXL Brass Masterclass where Tom himself „LIVE and in real time“ will give a hands-on tutorial on how to get the absolute most from this brass collection, as well as some special tips and tricks. He will also be available for insights into the film scoring world and any other questions you may have.

*Date and time TBD. Pre-order customers that cannot make the masterclass in real time will be sent the recorded video.

Stay updated with Tom

If you would like to stay updated on all of Tom's educational offerings and new film releases please sign up here


JXL Series

Junkie XL Brass

by Tom Holkenborg


Teldex Scoring Stage, Berlin

The Collection will be available in 8 days.

749,00 €499,00 €+VAT

The Collection will be available in 8 days.
Not licensed


  • Works with Orchestral Tools' SINE Player
  • 690GB of samples (300GB SINEarc compressed)
  • 24Bit / 48KHz Patches
  • System Requirements SINE:
  • Mac OS 10.11, i5, 4GB RAM (16GB+ recommended)
  • Windows 10, Intel Core i5 or similar (Windows 7 is not officially supported)
  • Interfaces: VST, AU

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