Metropolis Series

Metropolis Ark 1

The new fortissimo

Inspired by Fritz Lang’s awe-inspiring 1927 movie Metropolis, this is the revolution of epic in a single box.

A huge orchestra, a choir, percussion, a grand piano, and a metal band with a single vision: Bold, loud, and breathtaking. Metropolis Ark 1 features the loudest imaginable dynamics, ranging from mf up to fff.

All instruments were recorded with first-call musicians at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin. Now updated for the SINE Player, Metropolis Ark 1 offers everything you need to create powerful musical monuments of your own.



  • 18 sections/instruments

  • Extensive articulation sets

  • True legato

  • Specifically designed for epic music

  • Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage

  • DISTRICT I – Orchestra:

    • Strings
    • Woodwinds
    • Brass
  • DISTRICT II – Choir:

    • Men
    • Women
  • DISTRICT III – Epic Percussion

  • DISTRICT IV – Band:

    • Electric Guitars
    • Electric Bass
    • Drumset

Specifically designed for epic music

The orchestra is specially configured to deliver maximum gravitas: Special sections such as 4 contra bassoons playing in unison, a bass trombone ensemble, a cimbasso ensemble or 12 basses + 6 celli playing together in octaves offer finely balanced low end.

METROPOLIS ARK 1 includes multiple french horn ensembles:
A big 9-piece horn section for soaring horn melodies and a smaller 3-piece horn ensemble specifically designed to play chords.

Together with two guitars playing brutal, saturated power chords, and a massive sinister choir singing at the highest dynamics, this collection will give your compositions new depth and dynamic range.

And thanks to SINE, you can now choose to purchase single instruments instead of buying the whole collection.

A flexible working tool

Instead of pre-mixed sections, METROPOLIS ARK 1 offers pure and unprocessed instrument groups to give you all the flexibility to arrange your own orchestrations. 
Extensive Articulation Sets additionally offer swells, crescendos, glissandos, 2 different lengths of marcato, shorts, etc. on more than 75 GB of compressed sample material.

Mic merging
Preserve your system resources: Fine-tune your mix using multiple mic positions, then merge into a single channel within the player.

Greater usability
SINE is designed to complement the compositional workflow. Create on the fly with auto keyswitch options, and easy remapping tools.

Download à la carte
Choose only the instruments and mic positions that you currently need—no need to download the entire collection at once.


Metropolis Ark

Metropolis Ark 1

The Monumental Orchestra


Teldex Scoring Stage, Berlin

549,00 € +VAT

Not licensed
  • Into the Nebula (by Benjamin Botkin)
    Metropolis Ark 1
  • Born to Protect (by Benny Oschmann)
    Metropolis Ark 1
  • Metropolis Trailer (by Sascha Knorr)
    Metropolis Ark 1
  • Metropolis Mayhem F (by Craig Sharmat)
    Metropolis Ark 1
  • SomniumLetalis (by George Strezov)
    Metropolis Ark 1


  • SINE version: Works with Orchestral Tools’ SINE Player
  • Kontakt version: Works with the free Kontakt Player or Kontakt 5.8.1 full
  • Please note: Kontakt versions bought after May 13, 2020 can be upgraded to SINE for a €54,90 support fee
  • 160 GB of samples (51 GB SINEarc compressed/ 75 GB NCW compressed)
  • 24 bit / 48 KHz patches
  • System requirements SINE:
  • Mac OS 10.13, i5, 4 GB RAM (16+ GB recommended)
  • Windows 10, Intel Core i5 or similar (Windows 7 is not officially supported)
  • Interfaces: VST, AU


If you want to buy the Kontakt version of this collection, please note:

  • This is not the latest version of this collection - the SINE version might offer additional features not available here
  • We don't maintain and update the older Kontakt versions of our collections
  • You can upgrade this Kontakt version to the SINE version later for an additional upgrade fee*

*= Upgrade fee is around 10% of the regular collection price. This is due to doubled costs for downloads and licensing.