Experimental cello

  • Lamentations by Jakob Olofsson
  • Buried Structures by Sascha Knorr
  • There's No Plan by Emmanuel Jacob
  • Misty Island by Iva Zabkar
  • Cello Concerto by Jakob Olofsson
  • Lost Places by Hanna Sophie Lueke
  • Shimmering by Markus Schätzle
  • Radome by Cornelius Duerst

A mind-bending solo cello from a unique player. Unconventional articulations with transformative processing plus electronic sounds and mysterious noises—all captured in an unusual, evocative acoustic space.

Straight out of a giant, spherical radar station, Radome combines provocative cello with electronic noise, ambient textures, and distorted artifacts—a sublime palette for sound design. Perfect for creating horror and suspense, or expressing dark, complex emotional textures.

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Content19 articulations
5 mic positions
Processed: 6 drones, 4 textures, 6 static and interference sounds, 4 percussive impact, 5 variable multi-layered noise patches

System requirements SINEplayerMac: macOS 10.13 or higher, Intel Core i5 or similar, Apple M1 chipsets supported, at least 8 GB RAM (16 GB+ recommended)
Windows: Windows 10 64 bit, Intel Core i5 or similar, at least 8 GB RAM

Size25 GB of samples (10 GB SINEarc compressed)
24 bit / 48 KHz patches

Formats supported: Standalone, VST, VST3, AU, AAX

Not licensed

Avant-garde cello in a highly distinctive environment

Use Radome to build an intriguing sonic environment with the raspy, overpressured sustains and harmonic-laden oscillations of a solo cello. Inject suspense with string scrapes, gull-like calls, hair-raising harmonic glissandi, and screeching trills.

Transformative patches combine the ambience of the distinctive acoustic space with heavy effects processing and layered synth textures to create a range of uncommon sounds. Select from an array of droning patches set in cavernous spaces. And draw from sounds that evoke the site’s ominous past, including electronic static, crackly interference, and electronic pulses as well as enigmatic, echoing noises and eerie winds.

Radome’s driving force
Radome’s driving force
Radome’s cello was played by Franziska Aigner—an accomplished cellist, vocalist, and composer. As a solo performer and recording artist, she frequently blends droning and ambient cello tones with dreamy, breathy vocals to produce atmospheric soundscapes. Her extensive background in dance and deep academic expertise in philosophy provide rich sources for creative expression.
Inside Radome
Inside Radome
The sounds of Radome were recorded at Berlin’s iconic Teufelsberg. German for ‘Devil’s Mountain’, Teufelsberg is a hill built with rubble from the second world war. The hill is also home to an abandoned Cold War listening station. And it’s here, inside the site’s largest radar dome (a large, spherical structure that protects a radar antenna from the elements), that we captured the unique acoustics and resonant ambiences for this collection.

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