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Berlin Woodwinds

Soloists 2

Berlin Woodwinds - Soloists 2 is specifically designed for expressive solo passages in the lower woodwind instruments.


  • Specifically designed for solo passages

  • Solo Bassoon

  • Solo Bass Flute

  • Solo Bass Oboe

  • Solo Bass Clarinet

  • Adaptive Legato for each instrument

  • Recorded in the dry Teldex Solo Booth

Big room or small booth?

Berlin Woodwinds has True Legato (interval sampling) for all instruments and sections. With meticulous attention to detail, we have recorded every Both locations have their own distinct advantages. Samples recorded at the expansive Teldex Stage blend very well with other orchestral instruments. The strengths of the Berlin Woodwinds main library come to the fore when it comes to ensemble writing or when a full orchestra joins forces with the woodwinds. Doubling with other instruments works extremely well. Smaller rooms make for a more detailed sound but their blending ability is limited and they are not ideal for writing for ensembles. It feels as though you are much closer to the instrument. Which is why legato transitions often appear more expressive and intimate when you play a solo line. Which is exactly what we are looking for when writing a solo part. In other words, we aim to capture the best of both worlds. We developed Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 1 and 2 primarily with soloistic writing in mind – it breathes life into your solo passages and adds vibrant new elements to the Berlin Woodwinds main library.

Legato Styles

  • Expressive legato
  • Fast, agile legato
  • Retongued legato

Our newly developed Adaptive Legato script chooses the most natural legato transitions based on your real-time playing (speed and velocity).

A single velocity layer for maximum expressiveness

Instead of recording fixed p, mf and f layers, the musicians were free to follow their instincts in choosing the best dynamic for a solo part. This gives rise to lively, dynamic long notes in different styles. While higher velocity leads the instrument to play a subtle crescendo, playing more softly results in a slight decrescendo. By using a single velocity layer, we reduce any phasing effect to a minimum.


Berlin Woodwinds

Soloists 2

Berlin Woodwinds


Teldex Solo Booth, Berlin

210,00 € +VAT

Not licensed
  • Irregular Shapes (by Hendrik Schwarzer)
    Soloists 2


  • You need the Kontakt 5.5.1 full version sampler to run this library!
  • 11 GB of samples (5,6 GB compressed)
  • 24Bit / 48KHz Patches


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