Berlin Strings SFX

With thousands of risers, effect glissandos, clusters and measured trills, this collection is designed to provide you with a wealth of playable effect articulations.

With round robins on a number of articulations and controllable dynamic layers for most of the patches, you can easily transcend the limitations of simple one-shot effect samples.

All of the articulations were recorded in individual sections so that users can orchestrate their own string ensemble combinations.


Single sections:
For individual and highly flexible string FX writing and orchestrating
Playable effects:
Each articulation has been recorded with its full range, different dynamic layers and, in most cases, with round robins for increased realism and flexibility
Measured trills:
For intervals of up to a fifth at two different speeds, including a tempo script that adjusts the measured trills to your host tempo
Ligeti clusters:
Huge collection of aleatoric clusters, sustains, staccatos, dynamics and tremolos
Extensive aleatoric glissando sets:
Different lengths, dynamics, tremolo, pizzicato, trem sul pont and more

Part of the Berlin Strings series

Recorded with an outstanding level of detail to offer maximum flexibility–Berlin Strings fits perfectly with the Berlin Woodswinds SFX and Berlin Brass Horn SFX collections, providing a whole host of playable multi-sampled tonal and atonal string effects.

Mic merging
Preserve your system resources: Fine-tune your mix using multiple mic positions, then merge into a single channel within the player.

Greater usability
SINE is designed to complement the compositional workflow. Create on the fly with auto keyswitch options, and easy remapping tools.

Download à la carte
Choose only the instruments and mic positions that you currently need—no need to download the entire collection at once.


Berlin Strings

Berlin Strings SFX

Playable string effects


Teldex Scoring Stage, Berlin

249,00 € +VAT

Not licensed
  • Out To Lunch by Ben Botkin
    Berlin Strings SFX
  • Out Of Control by Emmanuel Jacob
    Berlin Strings SFX
  • Sanguinare by Alex Lamy
    Berlin Strings SFX
  • Tensions and Tumult by Sascha Knorr
    Berlin Strings SFX
  • Cognitive Dissonances by Susanne Hardt
    Berlin Strings SFX
  • Adrift by Dmitry Selipanov
    Berlin Strings SFX


  • === SINE version ===
  • NOTE: Very latest SINE version required!
  • 15 GB SINEarc compressed / 32 GB uncompressed
  • 24Bit / 48KHz patches
  • SINE system requirements:
  • Mac: macOS 10.13 or higher | Intel Core i5 or similar | Apple M1 is supported | At least 8 GB RAM (16 GB+ recommended)
  • Windows: Windows 10 64 bit | Intel Core i5 or similar | At least 8 GB RAM (16 GB+ recommended)
  • Formats supported: Standalone, VST, VST3, AU, AAX
  • === KONTAKT version ===
  • You need the Kontakt 5.5.1 full version sampler to run this library!
  • 24Bit / 48KHz patches
  • 35 GB of Samples (18 GB compressed)
  • Please note: Kontakt versions bought after May 24, 2022 can be upgraded to SINE for a €24.90 support fee


If you want to buy the Kontakt version of this collection, please note:

  • This is not the latest version of this collection - the SINE version might offer additional features not available here
  • We don't maintain and update the older Kontakt versions of our collections
  • You can upgrade this Kontakt version to the SINE version later for an additional upgrade fee*

*= Upgrade fee is around 10% of the regular collection price. This is due to doubled costs for downloads and licensing.