Tableau Solo Strings

Soaring, lyrical strings—violin, viola, and cello. Three inspiring instruments, three unique characters.

Organic Samples presents an alternative to conventional solo strings, with elegant legato, precise short notes, and unique expressive ornaments. Recorded at Teldex, the sound is natural, distinctive, and designed to cross borders. Whether you’re channeling the romantics, creating oriental or klezmer strings for a score, or just adding solos to your productions, these strings will help you realize your ideas quickly.

Tableau Solo Strings runs in SINE, and you can buy the instruments individually.



  • 3 individual solo instruments: Violin, viola, cello

  • All legatos and glissandos recorded with long transitions

  • Legatos and glissandos provided with or without vibrato

  • Unique ornaments and grace notes—at note onset, or note end

  • Extended dynamic range—from very quiet to very loud

  • 5 mic positions (close stereo, Decca tree, AB mic position, ambient, surround)

About Organic Samples

Organic Samples collections are designed to capture specific moods and sounds, with a focus on expression and ease-of-use. The goal is to capture the character of a performance—the dynamic interplay of sound and performer.

The driving force behind Organic Samples is Maxime Luft—a young composer who started creating the instruments he needed for his own productions. The Organic Samples series is available exclusively from Orchestral Tools.


The players and the instruments

Farida Rustamova played an antique violin from Pietro Guarneri, built in 1745. Guarneri violins used a special varnish and other lost techniques, to create a truly outstanding sound.

Alejandro Regueira played a viola built in 1983 by Hiroshi Iizuka—a popular luthier amongst viola players. It has a warm, deep, and dark tone that really delivers in the lower register.

Vasily Bystroff played a modern cello, built in 2016 by the official luthier of the St. Petersburg Philharmonics, Roman Naumov.

Mic merging
Preserve your system resources: Fine-tune your mix using multiple mic positions, then merge into a single channel within the player.

Greater usability
SINE is designed to complement the compositional workflow. Create on the fly with auto keyswitch options, and easy remapping tools.

Download à la carte
Choose only the instruments and mic positions that you currently need—no need to download the entire collection at once.


Organic Samples

Tableau Solo Strings

Violin, viola and cello


Teldex Scoring Stage, Berlin

119,00 € +VAT

Not licensed
  • At the first ray of sunshine (Sascha Knorr)
    Tableau Solo Strings
  • When we meet again (Benny Oschmann)
    Tableau Solo Strings
  • Tableau Tanz (Joel Kreimeyer Kelly)
    Tableau Solo Strings