The intimate temporal orchestra

TIME micro continues the quest of its partner collection, TIME macro, to unravel the riddles of time and sound. Like its predecessor, TIME micro offers an orchestra and choir that seemingly dislocate the passing of time. But as the name suggests, all the sounds here are softer… quieter… more delicate and ethereal.

This is the sound of small ensembles and solo instruments playing with the utmost restraint and precision. Here too, the focus is on sustains that move and shift, with a wide range of articulations and complex ‘Chrono Structures’. Exercising the power of the understatement, this is a secret weapon for underscoring, sound design, and all kinds of modern music production.


Soft, shimmering, delicate sounds
Long, sustained, shifting textures
Pendulum swells
Rhythmic clockwork patterns
Experimental articulations
Unique textural patches ‘Chrono Structures’
14 small ensembles and solo instruments
5 specialized Combined patches

Unique Chrono Structures

Examining time in a musical context, we layered sounds to create complex orchestral textures that we call Chrono Structures. They’re arranged into two groups: Time Orchestra and Altered Time.

The Time Orchestra section offers layered instruments playing sustains. Each carefully constructed patch is its own soundworld, with undulating details that respond to the modwheel.

In the Altered Time section, the sustains have instrument layers that move forward and back, and may be slowed down or speeded up. The effect is entrancing, suspending the regular passage of time.

14 ensembles and instruments, 4 full sections

TIME micro gives you 14 separate 3-piece ensembles, solo instruments, and small choirs to work with–all playing softly, from airy woodwind tones, harmonic waves, and flourishes to stuttering staccato performances and barely audible ultra-soft string bowings. Rather than standard instruments, you’ll find lower or softer alternatives: Basset horn instead of clarinet, flugelhorn/cornet instead of trumpet, and alto flute/bass flute instead of standard flute. All perform soft, undulating sustains, advanced articulations, and dynamic gestures, so you can layer sounds easily.

You also get 4 Combined patches. These include an exquisite string quartet, a special low bass section, and a shimmering harp-celeste-mandolin patch. These sections also perform sustains that correspond to the articulations in the rest of the collection, so everything fits together perfectly.

Recorded at Teldex

All instruments were meticulously sampled in the main room at Berlin’s acclaimed Teldex Studio, enabling you to blend these sounds seamlessly with other Orchestral Tools libraries.

We captured everything with 4 mic positions: Spot mics for close-up, a Decca tree for the classic Teldex sound, additional A/B mics for definition, and some surround mics for air and space.

Mic merging
Preserve your system resources: Fine-tune your mix using multiple mic positions, then merge into a single channel within the player.

Greater usability
SINE is designed to complement the compositional workflow. Create on the fly with auto keyswitch options, and easy remapping tools.

Download à la carte
Choose only the instruments and mic positions that you currently need—no need to download the entire collection at once.


Scoring Tools

TIME micro

Chrono chamber structures


Teldex Scoring Stage, Berlin

349,00 € +VAT

Not licensed
  • Retrospection by Lukas Kiedaisch
    TIME micro
  • Living in the moment by Alex Niedt
    TIME micro
  • Chrono Chamber Structures by Sascha Knorr
    TIME micro
  • Forest Whisper by Bows To Hymns
    TIME micro
  • Frozen Planet by Bows To Hymns
    TIME micro
  • Entropy by Alex Pfeffer
    TIME micro
  • This Isn't Over by David Kudell (using macro and micro)
    TIME micro
  • The Illusion Of Time by Emmanuel Jacob (using macro and micro)
    TIME micro


  • SINE version: Works with Orchestral Tools’ SINE Player—NOTE: Very latest version required!
  • 114 GB of samples (45 GB SINEarc compressed)
  • 24 bit / 48 KHz patches
  • System requirements SINE:
  • Mac OS 10.13, i5, 4 GB RAM (16+ GB recommended)
  • Windows 10, Intel Core i5 or similar
  • Interfaces: VST, AU, AAX
  • KONTAKT version: Works with the free Kontakt Player or Kontakt 5.8.1 full or higher
  • 100 GB of samples (53 GB NCW compressed)
  • 24Bit / 48KHz patches
  • Please note: Kontakt versions bought after May 10, 2022 can be upgraded to SINE for a €34.90 support fee


If you want to buy the Kontakt version of this collection, please note:

  • This is not the latest version of this collection - the SINE version might offer additional features not available here
  • We don't maintain and update the older Kontakt versions of our collections
  • You can upgrade this Kontakt version to the SINE version later for an additional upgrade fee*

*= Upgrade fee is around 10% of the regular collection price. This is due to doubled costs for downloads and licensing.